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While socks are not the most riveting or exciting subject, I’d place a bet that you’re wearing them right now. If you’re anything like me, you want to keep your feet toasty and warm this winter and are always looking for a great sock. You might be looking for something to help with a current foot issue or something more comfortable than what you’re currently wearing. If that’s the case, these socks might be what you’ve been looking for.

What exactly are diabetic socks?

Because we are more prone to issues with our feet (neuropathy, slow healing wounds, peripheral edema), “diabetic” socks are those that minimize the risk of aggravating existing foot concerns or causing blisters or sores. They tend to have padded souls, flat or no seams, anti-microbial properties, and are made with gentle elastic technology. Diabetic socks are designed to keep your feet comfortable without strangling your ankles or calves. (No more mid-calf indentation!) For folks with peripheral edema caused by heart or kidney disease, there are compression socks that help with circulation to reduce swelling. Compression socks come in different strengths, measured by their pressure rating. I was looking for a comfortable yet versatile sock.

What makes the Diabetes Sock Club socks stand out?

The Diabetic Sock Club company was started 10 years ago and all of the socks are made in the USA. They have a 1-year guarantee and will replace your socks if they get a hole. Not many companies will do that!

The company has spent considerable time researching fabrics to find the most comfortable and breathable materials, while also keeping your feet warm. The company boasts that their socks help improve lives by preventing further blisters or sores and helping manage foot complications.

source: Diabetic Sock Club

There are a few types of socks made from different materials. Their cotton socks are 80% cotton, while the Ultra-sock socks are 95% Acrylic and 5% Lycra. The compression socks are made of 84% nylon and 16% Spandex. Assorted packs ( 6 to 18 pairs) come in a variety of colors, ranging from white, black, grey, navy, beige, to brown. You can also purchase packs in all white or all black. The compression socks can be purchased as a single pair.

  • Cotton Diabetic Ankle Socks
  • Cotton Diabetic Crew Socks
  • Ultra-Soft Upper Calf Diabetic Socks
  • Over The Calf Compression Stocking Socks
    • 8-15 mmHg (low compression strength)
    • 15-20 mmHG (medium compression strength)
    • 20-30 mmHG (high compression strength)

All socks range from Medium to X-Large. Men’s sizing starts at a size 6 shoe and women’s starts at a 7.5 size shoe.

Where Can I Purchase It and How Much Does It Cost?

You can purchase the socks directly from their website, and all orders come with free shipping. They have a one-year warranty against defects and offer returns for up to 30 days and free exchanges. They also have an Autoship option where you can set the schedule and cancel at any time, in addition to the regular one-time purchase. You save money with the Auto-ship option but it really depends on how many pairs of socks you’ll need.

The prices vary depending on what type of sock you’re purchasing and the package you get. You can only purchase socks in bundles starting at 6 pairs. I was sent 6 pairs of black Women’s Cotton Ankle Socks in Medium (shoe size 7.5 to 10) costing $36.99 USD.

Cotton Diabetic Crew Socks (Navy)

My review

In general, the socks are soft and comfortable and left only a slight indent from the hem on my ankle. They stayed up throughout the day but fell off when I slept in them overnight. That’s a pretty common occurrence for most socks I own, so nothing out of the ordinary there. They did tend to make my feet sweat a little in my winter boots, but otherwise, my feet were comfortable both in my slippers at home and out doing errands. None of the seams or hems bothered me while wearing them.

The size range for each size seems to be too large. I ordered the medium, women’s size 7.5-10 but they were too long for my 7.5 feet. The heel pocket sat higher up on my ankle at my achilles tendon and the socks came up mid-calf.

My overall rating would be 3/5 for comfort, feel, temperature, and ease of care and cleaning. They have held up well in the dryer on high heat. Losing points for sizing and overall look, I found them to be plain (standard solid color – nothing exciting) and they tend to run on the larger side. If you’re hoping for an ankle sock to wear to the gym, these socks are probably not it. They are bulkier than what I’m generally used to, and I would more often wear them in the winter to keep my feet warm and dry. If you’re looking for a soft, looser sock these definitely work well!

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Author: Mabel Freeman