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I get sent low-carb and keto products all the time to try. I happen to be very picky, and am also very particular about what I decide to share with the community. It is the top few that make the cut and Salivation Snack Food Brownies are at the top of the list! I received Salivation Snack Food brownies free of charge, and all opinions are my own.

Who are they?

Brad Armistead and Andrew Chi were college friends that both wound up in the corporate food industry. They both were focused on “fun foods” that were inevitably loaded with sugar. A close friend started the ketogenic diet in order to help manage his health, and had great success, but Andrew and Brad saw him struggle when it came to desserts. They decided to set out on a venture to create a delicious, keto-friendly, sweet treat that people who are carb-conscious could enjoy worry-free. 

What are Salivation Snackfoods brownies made out of?

Salivation Snack Food Brownies are made from lower-carbohydrate almond flour, cocoa powder, and avocado oil. And instead of traditional sugar, which would cause the blood sugar of anyone with diabetes to rise, they opted to use a blend of allulose, erythritol, and monk fruit. The brownies are also boosted with collagen and MCT oil.

What flavors do they offer and where can I purchase them?

The brownies are offered in four delicious flavors: Dark Chocolate, Macadamia Nut, Walnut Chocolate Chip, and the newest to join the bunch, Chocolate Chip Blondie. They can be purchased directly through the company or through Amazon. And if you happen to live in Southern California, they’re widely available in nicer grocery markets.

They are sold individually by the flavor and come in a pack of 8 brownies for $39.99. Or you can buy a variety pack of 6 for $29.99. This may seem pricey: it comes out to $4.95 a brownie. But these brownies are seriously gourmet, and just one is delicious enough to count as two snacks for me. Also, keep in mind that all orders ship for free.

Salivation Snackfoods brownies do need to be refrigerated, given the lack of preservatives.

Image courtesy of Salivation Snackfoods

How do they taste?

This is by far the best keto brownie I have tried!

First, these brownies are large and they are dense. You will absolutely not feel cheated, unlike you do with keto competitors that just shave the carbohydrate count by making their products lightweight. Secondly, the taste is amazing and you would never know that they lack real sugar. And lastly, both Andrew and David feel so confident that you will agree with me that they offer a money back guarantee, no questions asked!

I highly recommend giving Salivation Food Brownies a try, especially if you are following, or interested in starting, a keto diet. These brownies will fill the sweet tooth void and leave your blood sugars stable. Also, I’m told that Andrew and David are already working on their next line…stay tuned!


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Author: Mabel Freeman