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If you are about to start a low-carb diet, one of the first things to do is to start limiting your bread intake. Even if you’re not starting a new diet, choosing lower-carb options for wraps and sandwiches is a great way of making your blood sugar easier to manage during the day. 

Some people find this easy, but others find it very challenging. We know you love to have choices—one of our best-performing articles is on the best low-carb breads. Today we will cover the best store-bought, low-carb alternatives to pitas, wraps, and rolls that you can easily find in your grocery store. Here are our top picks!

Carb Balance Soft Taco Flour Tortillas

This is a staple in my diet. I love making chicken fajitas for dinner and using the leftovers for a quick lunch at home. These tortillas make taco night stress-free, coming in at just 4g net carbs each, you won’t have to worry about your blood sugars. Add cheese and salsa, which are also blood sugar friendly!

Toufayan Bakeries Smart Carb Smart Pockets

This pita option comes in at only 8g net carbs and is made from whole oats and flax, which is a nice change of pace. The flavor is hearty and delicious, and the shape makes them very versatile. You can use them for sandwiches but they are also sturdy enough to use for sloppy joes. I highly recommend giving these a try, they will satisfy your carb craving!

Outer Aisle Cauliflower Thins

I was fortunate enough to get some Outer Aisle products sent to me years ago and was delighted with their taste. I haven’t tried these thins yet, but if they’re anything like the rest of the product line, they’ll be terrific.  There are quite a few flavors to choose from—Original, Jalapeno, Everything, and Italian. Oh, and did I mention they are only 1g net carb each! 

Nuco Duo Coconut Wraps

Some kind members of the Diabetes Daily community brought these wraps to my attention. I don’t normally like the taste of coconut, but I was intrigued, and bought them for myself. While they do have a hint of coconut flavor, they are quite delicious and only have 4g net carbs per serving. They are slightly thinner than your average wrap but can still withstand a hefty breakfast burrito! Aside from Original, they also have three trendy superfood flavors: Turmeric, Cinnamon, and Moringa.

Keto Culture Baking Hamburger Buns

A lot of the best low-carb stuff is mostly available online, but surprise: you can actually find a decent selection of keto-friendly items at Walmart! This fiber-rich (as in 17 grams per slice!!) bun tastes delicious, and it’s only 50 calories, which is about ⅓ of a regular store-bought bun. It also contains 6 grams of protein, so feel free to indulge! They make hot dog buns too.

Joseph’s Flax, Oat Bran, and Whole Wheat Pita

This is a great option with a classic flavor that is pretty easy to find at your local grocery store. It contains 7g net carbs, 6 grams of protein, and only 60 calories! Fill this pita up with your favorite protein and veggies and enjoy a healthy and inexpensive lunch instead of take-out!

It’s never been easier (and yummier) to eat fewer carbs. If you are trying to go low-carb and minimize blood sugar spikes, try these options!


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Author: Mabel Freeman