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Who doesn’t love to mindlessly snack on something salty and crunchy? Whether it’s a potato chip, a Dorito, or a pretzel, they all make for a delicious quick snack. Unfortunately, they lack any real nutritional value, and for those of us with diabetes, they have more carbs than we might want to deal with. Atkins Protein Chips are keto-friendly and are kind to both my blood sugars and my digestive system. I received Atkins Protein chips free of charge, and all opinions are my own.

What Is Atkins?

The Atkins Diet is a low-carb, high-protein way of eating that was introduced by a cardiologist, Robert Atkins. He promised that by eating this way, you could effectively lose weight and avoid many chronic issues that may arise over your lifespan. The Atkins company believes that high-protein meals help curb hunger and allow you to burn fat, which will make you lose weight. Many people with diabetes find that a low-carb lifestyle helps keep their blood sugars in check, avoid rollercoaster days, and hopefully reduce the risk of diabetes complications over time. 

Atkins isn’t just a diet or a book. They’ve created their own line of low-carb products, and with the rise of the ketogenic diet, they’re easier to find than ever. Bars, shakes, and frozen meals are just some of the products that they offer, and you should be able to easily find them in your local drugstore and grocery store.

How are Atkin Chips different than the rest?

Unlike traditional chips, a serving of Atkins Protein Chips packs in 13 grams of protein, 4 grams of net carbs, and contains only 140 calories. Instead of corn or flour, these chips are made mostly with protein isolated from milk and low-carbohydrate starches such as corn fiber and psyllium husk.

This chip still delivers a tasty flavor despite replacing the carbs with protein. It will leave you feeling satiated and comes in generous single-serving sizes, which help me not to overeat.

How Does It Taste?

The Nacho Cheese flavor is definitely reminiscent of Doritos with its seasoned coating and sharp, cheesy taste. Its bite is slightly less dense than a regular Dorito but does not lack in crunch or flavor. 

There’s one other flavor: Atkins Protein Chips in Ranch, which are absolutely delicious. I am not a huge ranch flavor fan but I was pleasantly surprised. It was reminiscent of crudités dipped in ranch dressing, but better. It had not too overpowering of a flavor and tasted great. 

Where Can I Purchase It and How Much Does It Cost?

I am seeing these new chips sold almost everywhere I go. I have seen them sold in Target, local grocery stores, and drug stores too. You can also purchase it directly from their website.

It is great to see so many places offering lower-carb alternatives to typical junk food. 

My Review

Atkins Protein Chips are a great replacement for carb-heavy, non-nutritious chips. It will give you a generous dose of protein and has very few carbs, so you won’t have to worry about your blood sugar. I highly recommend this product!

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Author: Mabel Freeman